Hip Hop, Tout Le Monde

While in Paris on his way to a French Immersion program in Tours, Next Level Site Manager Paul Rockower had a true hip hop worldwide experience:

I had just finished dinner, and I stopped in the cafe on the corner for a saidera (last drink).  I walked in to the place, and heard the tail-end of an MC Lyte song.  I curiously sat down, and  I ordered a glass of wine.

As my glass of vin rouge came, Leaders of the New School’s Syntax Era started playing through the joint.

We are L–what
We are the O–what
We are the N–what
We are the S–what…

Now I was really starting to wonder.

As I sipped my glass of Ventoux, Busta made his outro and Pete Rock & CL Smooth made their famous intro as the horn blew.

I reminisce, 
I reminisce…

The place was closing up so I beckoned the waitress over since I was so curious over the musical question.

In broken French I asked:

Whose music is this?

It’s mine!

Really? You had some classics! Lyte, L.O.N.S., Pete Rock & CL Smooth!

She smiled and gave me a pound.

“Hip Hop, j’adore,” she said.

In my broken French, I tried to explain my work on Next Level and how we use hip hop to connect the world.

She gave me one more pound as she shut the place down.

Hip Hop, tout le monde, she said as I walked out in the Parisian autumn night.


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