“A Drop of Red Dye in Water”: Q & A with Ken Fury

Kenneth “Ken Fury” Marez Jr. (dancer) is an artist who expresses his vision in multiple disciplines, including music, poetry, photography, painting, jewelry design and hip-hop dance. As a b-boy, he has studied with and been influenced by many, including the legendary Wayne Blizz and D – Flex (The Executioners, The NYC Float Committee)  Kwikstep (“Full

“Hip-Hop is you”: Q & A with Jaci Caprice Clark

Jaci Caprice Clark is a producer, writer, vocalist, and beat maker who, in addition to writing and producing music for a wide variety of poets, vocalists and hip-hop lyricists, released her own full-length album entitled “Storms Come” (2007), as well as an EP entitled “LoveLikeWater” (2012), both of which she wrote and produced independently. She

American Music in Dakar

The history of musical interactions between the United States and Senegal goes back hundreds of years. Senegalese music, religious traditions and language were all influential on the development of African American culture (this was especially true in New Orleans, which is known to have had an especially high concentration of people of Senegalese ancestry during

Next Level Montenegro

The Next Level program has been having an incredible time with NL Team MonteBosnia (AKA The Elements Crew).  This specific program is special for a number of reasons. First, they are the only Next Level team to have 5 members, because we woudn’t dream of splitting Deena and Wandee of TruEssencia up. Second, because they

Next Level, Belgrade (by Shirlette Ammons)

For 2 1/2 weeks, I had the distinct honor of joining legendary Hip Hop Producer Diamond D, Pop and Lockin’ Specialist Pop Master Fabel, and Denver’s finest DJ B*Money as the lyricist/MC instructor for the Serbian contingent of The Next Level Program. Next Level is “an initiative of the US State Dept & UNC Music Dept to send artists around

Day Four: Just a lil demo…

On Saturday, the Next Level Academy continued. The program opened with a warm-up dance lesson session for the entire group. This was an important addition to the program, as ALL the students wanted to be involved in the dance program and this was our way of placating those who were in other groups. Our instructor

Day Three: The Gang’s All Here

Our delayed NL India team members arrived safely yesterday to Patna—excited as can be to begin the program. After the incident with our driver, which I will describe later (or not), we had new drivers waiting this morning to take us to St. Karen’s School. We arrived and I introduced the two remaining members Sheikia

Day Two: Verbal and Nonverbal

The Next Level program continued into the second day, and continued to be quite incredible. We began the program with a couple of icebreakers to help introduce verbal and nonverbal communication and expression. We got the entire group into a large circle and played the game “telephone.” DJ 2Tone explained about the filtration of messages,

Day One

The Next Level program opened today in Patna at the St. Karen’s School, and we had a phenomenal start. After meeting with the principal, we addressed the students and teachers of St. Karen’s about the different aspects of the upcoming Next Level program and introduced the Next Level artists who had already arrived. DJ 2-Tone