frank-perez-bio-picFrank “B-boy Frankie” Perez (Dancer) is an inimitable soul brought up in what is known to many as the Mecca of hip-hop, New York City.

He shines the most when displaying the foundation of what he’s learned as a dancer in combination with the hallmarks of his personality: his individualism and open-mindedness towards what it means to be a human being. Relentless perseverance and hard–earned skills have lead B-boy Frankie to winning many major competitions, as well as judging battles and teaching around the world.

Frankie is presently working on mastering his b-boying while simultaneously preparing for graduate school and cultivating a new found passion for filmmaking and photography. Part of the legacy that he would like to leave behind to others around the world is that it is possible to maintain a world-class skill level and also be a professional.

Frankie was on Next Level Team Uganda.