Edson Magana “Bboy House” (Dancer) is a Mexico City-born street dancer in the art of breaking, popping, locking, and house dancing. He is a practitioner, student, and educator/lecturer of hip hop culture and its communities.

Now residing in Arizona, Bboy House is on a mission to leave the universe better than he found it. He has travelled globally planting seeds of awareness to develop programs, events, and longevity for youth. He is co-founder of Furious Styles Crew, an organization that creates collaborations and networks of socially engaged work.

Due to his strong roots in hip hop culture, dance, and foundations, Bboy House has had the privilege of competing, judging, and hosting numerous dance battles around the world. He also has a Master in Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology/Sociology from Arizona State University.

Edson was on Next Level Team Morocco.