At the conclusion of Next Level’s 2017—2018 cycle, artists from each of the residency countries were invited to the United States to participate in a wide range of workshops, panel discussions, jam sessions, and public performances. They arrived in Washington, DC, for a State Department overview and the chance to visit historical sites. They then traveled to North Carolina, where they spent time with UNC’s Next Level staff attending additional panels and going to Moogfest: a festival of art, music, and technology in Durham. Finally the group traveled to New York City, where they got to meet and receive coaching from the many Next Level alumni who are engaged with the U.S. hip hop scene. Team Global spent a full week in New York, seeing the city and taking in its culture, and finished their U.S. trip on Broadway for a performance by the musical group Stomp.

Cherry “Ya Ya” Khiang (MC, Myanmar)

Chanmony “Mora” Nem (MC, Cambodia)

Kamran Mamedov (Dancer, Azerbaijan)

Atallah “Double-M” Mohamed (Beatboxer, Morocco)


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Photos from Team Global 2017—2018