“A Drop of Red Dye in Water”: Q & A with Ken Fury

Kenneth “Ken Fury” Marez Jr. (dancer) is an artist who expresses his vision in multiple disciplines, including music, poetry, photography, painting, jewelry design and hip-hop dance. As a b-boy, he has studied with and been influenced by many, including the legendary Wayne Blizz and D – Flex (The Executioners, The NYC Float Committee)  Kwikstep (“Full

“Hip-Hop is you”: Q & A with Jaci Caprice Clark

Jaci Caprice Clark is a producer, writer, vocalist, and beat maker who, in addition to writing and producing music for a wide variety of poets, vocalists and hip-hop lyricists, released her own full-length album entitled “Storms Come” (2007), as well as an EP entitled “LoveLikeWater” (2012), both of which she wrote and produced independently. She